PR: Utrum to Launch Innovative Blockchain Platform Solving Trust Problems for Crypto Investors

Utrum, a decentralized community platform with reputation-based quality reviews of crypto projects and assets, has announced its public token crowd sale to launch May 10, 2018. Utrum will offer OOT, a Privacy Coin and the utility token of the Utrum ecosystem. The crowd sale is the second ever dICO (decentralized Initial Coin Offering) and is being launched on the Komodo Platform (KMD). Komodo is the world leader in Atomic Swap technology and this technology will be utilized in the Utrum dICO App, allowing participants to invest in the ICO in a unique “wallet-to-wallet” transaction, receiving OOT immediately in exchange for their investment with no third-party intermediary. A grassroots project, Utrum was born out of a Komodo Slack conversation between a few cryptocurrency investors. Founder and Project Lead for Utrum, Sridhar Panasa, had observed the multitude of scams, misinformation, and chaos plaguing the crypto-investment community at large. Having previously run a Threat Intelligence company, Sridhar has a habit of looking at new technologies from a strong security perspective. “I saw members running around from telegram groups to facebook groups trying to get

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