Wendy McElroy: Crypto Takes Anarchism Digital and Explodes Old Concepts

All around us are the almost unimaginable benefits of markets, cooperation, and technology, yet somehow we’re naïve if we don’t want to funnel human activity through government cattle chutes. The vast material and digital abundance we enjoy every day is provided without any state apparatus, in fact in spite of that apparatus. Is this private world not part of reality? Government is the artifice, and statists are the utopian dreamers who imagine that individuals acting under the magical banner of government can plan, coerce, and coordinate millions of lives.– Jeff DeistTechnology refines the definition and application of political concepts. It cuts old seams to release freedoms in fresh form. Software engineer Eric Schmidt referred to the Internet as “the largest experiment in anarchy that we have ever had”; freedom of speech became digital. When crypto bypassed central banking, anarchism flowed through the blockchain and every individual could be his own banker. 3D printers allowed individuals to manufacture their own needs, without taxes, tariffs, and other restrictions; they even manufactured controlled “substances,” like guns.

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